Past & Present leaders speaking on black economics

" the Negro is powerless, he should seek to amass political and economic power to reach his legitimate goals " - Dr. Martin Luther King | Watch on Youtube

" Go into Japanese neighborhoods, you don't see Negro stores. Go into China town, you don’t see Negro stores. Go into Jew town, you don’t see Negro stores. But come up here in black town and every kind of store is here but yours. " - Malcom X | Watch on Youtube



The basic strategy behind BWS2.0 has never changed although the plan has evolved in what we now call the BWS2.0 Economic Engine. The basic strategy is to provide incentives and motivation for individuals to support black business and black business to support non-profits, and non-profits to support individuals. The BWS2.0 Strategy connects self-interest to community-interests. It creates a cycle with links behind the scenes so that our dollars are being recycled in our community. We don’t have to control what the rest of Black America does. If we do this right we will create a microcosmic pattern for the rest to follow.

We have 3 Membership Types available that allows us to perform and perfect GROUP ECONOMICS. These memberships are explained in detail on their respective pages: Personal, Business, and Non-Profit. In each section you will learn not only about the benefits but how you can join members who are already contributing to what we are building together. It takes capital to do what we're doing and therefore we can't do it without our community.

The basic BWS2.0 Membership is $10/mo. (or $2/wk.) and gets you BWS2.0 Personal. You can get the basic BWS2.0 Business and BWS2.0 Non-Profit for $30 or bundle for a form-fitting experience that matches who you are, what your needs are, and what you're willing to do to help your community. These exclusive memberships are designed to be affordable so that everyone who wants to participate in group economics can do so. Membership fees are the main revenue stream that keeps us going and will allow us to grow and execute more of our plan. Whether its lowering the cost to do business, providing subsidies for farmers, building infrastructure overseas, making technology more accessible, money answereth all things (Ecclesiastes 10:19).

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