Past & Present leaders speaking on black economics

“ the Negro is powerless, he should seek to amass political and economic power to reach his legitimate goals ”
Dr. Martin Luther King | Watch on Youtube

“ Go into Japanese neighborhoods, you don't see Negro stores. Go into China town, you don’t see Negro stores. Go into Jew town, you don’t see Negro stores. But come up here in black town and every kind of store is here but yours. ”
Malcom X | Watch on Youtube

Black Wall Street 2.0 has evolved but our strategy remains the same and our allies are growing. These partnerships translate into benefits and services that we are able to bring to our members. The membership in the Black Lion Society is vital because it gives direction to the movement. We don't simply want to say do THIS or THAT type of activity and then even if you are out there doing all the right things, and buying from all black companies even, it still doesn't create the power and the changes in our community because not every business that is black owned is part of the black community. Black Lion Society is about connections and relationships. We know who is down for the vision because we spend time with them, we understand them, and we see them doing business with other Black Lion Society members. By maintaining these connections we create an ecosystem for our money to circulate in. We build the community that performs and perfects GROUP ECONOMICS.