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This forum is dedicated to the black consumer, to discuss black owned products and services, financial education, credit, loans, how to make money, spend money, how to make money work for you, and how to escape slavery 2.0.
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  • New Black Owned Products
    This forum is designed to introduce you to new black owned products. If you find a new one please share it so that others can support.
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  • Rare & Unique Black Products
    This forum is specifically for very creative products that might be hard to find. If you discover one, brag about it here and provide a link.
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  • Join The Black Economic Movement
    As a consumer you have the power to build up your own community or someone else's. The choice is yours. This forum is about ways you can directly participate in The Black Economic Movement, what it is, what it isn't, what it hopes to accomplish, what it can realistically accomplish, and what you can do even without spending a dime. You have the power.
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    Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:19 am
  • Buy Black 365
    Here we discuss and share black products, black online retailers, local black owned stores, etc. Everyone talks about how important it is to buy black but what's missing in a lot of cases is the knowledge of who, what, when, and where. Most black businesses are poorly advertised and marketed. This simply means we have to work harder.
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  • Black Crowdfunding
    This forum is for links to black crowdfunding projects no matter what crowdfunding platform they are listed on. If you know they are black owned, post them here. It's not always about how black the platform is but knowing which project is black so we can more intelligently strengthen our community.
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