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Introducing Jonathan Sinclair & BWS2.0

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Introducing Jonathan Sinclair & BWS2.0

Postby BWS2.0 » Wed Jul 27, 2016 9:13 am

My name is Jonathan Sinclair and I am the current CEO of Black Wall Street 2.0

A little about myself...

I am 37yr old Web Developer. I was born and raised in in Dayton, OH which is where I currently live. I went to Oakwood College (now University) for Computer Science and later received a degree from Virginia College of Huntsville for Computer Graphics. From my early childhood I have always been an artist and I've always wanted to make video games. For me, it is about the power to create new worlds and new realities with any type of adventure you could image. To that end I started teaching myself how to program, as a 4th grader, by going to the library. Now I program professionally as a web developer for the largest real estate Sign manufacturer in the US.

I'm also a black man. I didn't set out to be a leader. However, circumstances and environment play a large part in what we become. And I want the real world to be better than it is. I don't want to get so caught up in negative emotions that I forget the dream of Dr. King and forget to fight for a future based on peace and prosperity for all. To some extent we have to react to what's happening in a way that protects ourselves. We live in a world in which no one is going to save us or protect our interests like we will ourselves. We live in a world where we're definitely part of game whether we choose to play or not. And we have an opponent in that game as long as they are trying to win at our expense. That game is a system that is bound by rules. And I believe they exploit those rules whenever possible to cheat and advance further in the game. As a programmer it is my nature to understand systems and use logic to make what I want happen. A programmer is god-like, only so far as he or she can change the code. The system that we live in... is already written. The "matrix" code is already streaming and we are losing because we're not using the power that we have to change what is written. We naturally want to accept, like we do with the bible, "it is written", and get in where we fit in. But fitting in is a problem when what is written wasn't written for you or by you. However, this system is fluid. It can be changed. Lawyers exist because the law can be exploited. This means the system can be exploited if you have the right information and the right strategy. Moreover, I believe that while trying to survive in someone else's system we must simultaneously be working on building our own. And that's why I created BWS2.0 with the mission of helping to build an independent black economy.

Most of our problems are symptoms caused by something else. It is fair to blame the system. However, this blaming of the system of white supremacy can also be an excuse and a crutch that keeps us from doing what we need to do to get out of the position we're in. We have to be balanced between blaming the system and taking responsibility for how much power we give to our opponent to do what they do to us. It's not one or the other. We must understand history and why things happened the way they did and how we got into this position so we don't make the same mistakes. However, seeing the past for what it is can only be half of the equation. The other half is having a vision of the future and seeing how we can get there. I write a lot but I've spent most of my life listening to people. I know the difference between people who have complaints and people who have ideas. I can be honest with myself too. I like hearing those complaints because it gives me some comfort as to why I'm not in a better position. However, I also know that my position will not change until I do something to change it. You have to do something. If all you do is complain and all you listen to are people with complaints you will always be powerless. What we need now are solutions.

Why are the solutions economic?

Think about it. We live in a world ruled by capitalism... "money". If drug dealers are fighting each other for territory that is a symptom of the fact that there are not enough opportunities in our community to make money by legitimate means. If people are killing each other simply because they want to then you're dealing with monsters who need to be isolated or exiled from our community. However, if these attitudes evolve out of hopelessness and a will to survive then you have an economic problem at the root of all the violence. If there was enough money to go around they could simply quit that dangerous job and get another. I want to help build a black community where we can take care of ourselves. The more we can financially pull our own weight and get off the system the less the system will be able to be involved in our lives. Half of divorces are because of financial issues. Therefore, wouldn't having a better economy in our community help keep families together? Of course it would. And if more families stay together then there is more men teaching their sons to be men and women to teach their girls to be women without the stress of having to work so many hours that they can't effectively teach anything; to where our children are being raised by the state, by the streets, and by television. Those are more symptoms that are the result of "money". The system works because it uses money to influence people's behavior. What we have to learn is that there is nothing preventing us from using money in intelligent ways to counteract the negative impact of other people's economics. I was in part inspired by Dr. Claude Anderson and PowerNomics. Not only do we need an economic foundation but we need to use politics as a mechanism for our own money to manifest the things we want.

This is what BWS2.0 is all about. It's about group economics and building a socio-economic foundation on which to build political power, both locally and nationally. Please help us build this foundation by inviting all the black people you know to join us for free.

Love, Peace, and Harmony

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