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The Black Lion Society is a social construct for the empowerment of people of African descent and cultural identity based on a secret society model. It is founded upon the principles of PowerNomics and Nguzo Saba. This construct allows us not only to implement social and economic solutions. Black Lion Society is a journey that takes you through personal and community development where you become stronger in ways that benefit the whole.
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Welcome to phpBB3

Postby BlackLion » Tue Apr 12, 2016 7:06 pm

Welcome to the Black Lion Society. If you have an invite you can use the secret password to access restricted forums. If you do not have an invite the best way of getting one is actively participate in the BWS2.0 community.

If you are part of this secret society the more you build relationships with other members and display the attributes of leadership, love, peace, and harmony, being enlightened mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, the higher you will be promoted through the ranks and have access to more forums, information, knowledge and most importantly, more powerful people that you can build with.

Our biggest enemy is ourselves. This is why we protect our efforts in building the foundation needed to expand black wealth and power by shrouding it in secrecy. Without the right mindset we have a tendency to self sabotage heading towards self-destruction. This secrecy is not for the purpose of hiding any criminal activity as such is not tolerated on our site because it is a threat to all of us. But rather, we must compartmentalize, to some extent, our activities so that we can be successful.

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