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Ideas to start the conversation

The Urban Political Action Committee (TUPAC) is the brain child of Black Wall Street 2.0. The goal of this forum is to lay the ground work for building a PAC to represent the political interests of black consumers and businesses.
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Ideas to start the conversation

Postby BWS2.0 » Fri May 13, 2016 4:12 pm

Conservatism is the antithesis of what we need. "Conservatives"... "Liberals"... these are 2 sides of the same coin. Millions of dollars are pumped into conservative coffers to create more wealth and incentives for the rich. When the rich get richer the poor get poorer. Liberals find new ways to waste money with government spending that builds economic dependence. Party politics simply make us blame each other for our problems and make us think we had a fair vote to change things. But how is any of it fair when the elections are controlled by money? Both parties spend too much money, invested in corporations and not the people. Bernie Sanders raised $182M for an unsuccessful run. Hillary raised $256M (30% from Super PACs and other groups). Together, only 2 people raised enough money to make a real difference in the world and neither one might win.

If you're looking for solutions then think about it like the stock market. By investing, you're not giving your money away. You're putting your money in good companies so that they can make you more money. Using a model that includes diminishing returns I would first decide to invest 10% of taxes back into the people. I would invest enough money at the bottom of America's pyramid to ensure every child received the very best education. There would be no private school that was better. I would separate education into different fields so that each field has a an internet based school that supplements the local education each child gets and gives them advanced information in the area they're most interested in. Every child would also choose an art school to supplement their left-brain growth with creativity and I would blend creativity with more logical or memory based subjects.

For those that cannot keep up with the curriculum because of any intelligence anomalies I would introduce an apprentice system and limit the size of businesses in the service industries so that you always have a master craftsman who trains 1-3 apprentices; the best of which takes over the business after the master retires and they all continue working for the company to fund the master's retirement.

I would make capitalism and free markets apply to product-based industries with pricing caps based on the base value of the object and the average cost of living. Furthermore, there would be a cost adjustment for people below the poverty line and for people who are rich. I would take a socialist view for the service industry and the government would hire people for government jobs. For some items I would take a more communist approach. The ideas in the constitution that fuel the gun industry I would replace with Federal constitutional reforms that prevent government from getting too big and from policing citizens. Only local government would be allowed to listen to, police, local citizens and criminals in its territory. The Federal government would only be allowed to fight domestically in a declared war against a rogue state that was abusing its citizens. I would do this to create a system of physical checks and balances so that people would never have to fear the federal government. Guns and ammunition would be then owned by the state and would have fingerprint locks and could be checked out and only usable in designated area. For the guns already out there I would force manufacturers to discontinue the old ammunition types and only create ammunition for the new guns. I would have law enforcement programs to find anyone who illegally makes ammunition and charge them with any deaths that can be tied to their ammunition.

I would invest 10% of the tax revenue for a government bank. Because it is funded by taxes the loans would only be usable for business loans, housing, and food. Loan forgiveness would allow loans to turn into grants if the conditions for the grant are met; social programs like drug rehabilitation and work/study. If you completed a masters degree or higher your student loans would be forgiven. You would be penalized for quiting and for dependence on the system. The more you take for more things the higher your interest rate would be and I would create special programs to make those people interns. They can quit the internship but put their interest rate would go up again. Forbearance would only work during the internship and loan repayment is only active when someone is working. Any gap in employment would automatically pause all loans. The idea is to prevent a snowball effect.

Doctors make a ton of money and teachers make hardly any. Money attracts people to invest the time to become doctors. The same time, investment, and salary should attract better teachers who, like doctors, would require liability insurance because I would allow parents to sue them for negligence. And when you have to have lawyers that cost more than you can afford that's just not fair. So services would have cost models that adjusted for class and average cost of living. I don't want everyone to make the same amount of money. Education, Merit, Skill, Genius... must all be recognized in the compensation model. However, I don't want the poor priced out of survival or put into an economic position where they can be taken advantage of without consequence. You shouldn't be allow to charge simply by what people are willing to pay because this creates bubbles that benefit the rich and price out the poor.

Criminal Justice reforms... If you hit retirement age you get released. Period. If you have children your penalties if all possible should be fines only. Companies should only be allow to deny jobs to ex-cons based on whether or not that job provides a temptation to commit a similar crime for what they were charged. Criminals should be able to take classes that take months off their sentences. Jails should be criminally segregated so that killers aren't mixed in with thieves. Criminals should spend their time doing civil service and should have the option to serve out their sentence in the military or in undesirable jobs where the government takes most of the money and sends the rest to the family. Non-violent criminals should only have fines. Any violent offense should have mandatory jail time from 1 day (cooling off period) to 6 months. If someone dies then you get sentenced between 10 - 30 years based on the age and gender of the victim. The more defenseless the victim the more years you get and not only would you get years but I would make them exercise on hamster wheels to make electricity for the rest of us. I would also designate a number of jails to be treating mentally disturbed criminals. They would still be in a jail but they would be treated as sick patients. All prisons would have family areas and "vacations" using ankle monitoring so that inmates can go home from time to time and reconnect with family. And because it costs more to incarcerate a person than a lot of people make in a year these reforms would be aimed at lessening the burden on tax payers as well as turning criminals into tax payers. Punish, but do not dehumanize.

Free healthcare as a right to all US citizens. Anyone else gets a bill that a US citizen has to cosign on to be responsible if payments aren't made.

I could go on. Some of these proposals may sound harsh but as the economy reaches a point of true equilibrium what you'll find is that the harsher proposals wont seem so harsh because they wouldn't be as necessary. A lot of the money we spend and hurt we cause is due to fear. Everything we can do to remove that fear also correlates into a healthier economy and community. We are all connected and so if you invest properly into community and programs designed to create harmony between people who are different... the more we would all be successful. Early brain development and education is key.

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